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Vocational Endeavors
Vocational Endeavors has been providing residents with productive in-home volunteer jobs for the past seven years.  Residents are given the opportunity to set a work schedule and complete work projects for local businesses.  Two current companies that have teamed up to assist with providing volunteer tasks include Johnson Controls and Meade Johnson.

There is nothing else that can give the same kind of satisfaction as a good day’s work. Residents are left feeling productive, confident and like part of the community. Each day residents come to a friendly in-house work area where they can select the music and interact with fellow residents while performing a variety of jobs. The jobs include counting, packaging and sealing 5 different screw/bolt packets; stripping copper from scrap wire; labeling/stuffing mailings and collating booklets and bagged materials. All of the items that are produced go back to the community.  Some are used to help secure heating/cooling units for industries and businesses across the country. Some are used with baby food samples and given to expectant mothers at well-care checks.  Some are recycled and help keep our environment clean. All keep the volunteers connected to the community.

Here is what several VE volunteers said when asked “Why is the program so important to you?”

Christina – “Because it makes me feel like I am worth something and that I can give back to the community.”
Anna – “It’s a good opportunity to use my mind.  And I feel useful.”
Jesse – “It gives me something to do every day.  It’s not the same boring stuff every day.”
James – “It gives me something to do to feel useful and help people.  And I like what I do.”
Donna – “I love to work with you and screws to put them in bag.”
Robbie – “I like to listen to music and work. It feels like home.”

Work = whatever form it may take reminds you that you are alive, creative, innovative, effective and uniquely important.

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