Resident Life

The Margaret E. Moul Home is licensed as a skilled nursing facility; however, there are many factors that make the Margaret E. Moul Home and our residents very unique.

We are one of three facilities in the state of Pennsylvania that specializes in serving adults with neuromuscular impairments. We emphasize an individualized approach to care for each resident that includes not only nursing but also therapy, therapeutic recreation, dietary management, and social and spiritual wellness.

A Home Away From Home

Our home features 6 semi-private and 70 private rooms, customizable to residents’ personal styles. Shared spaces like living rooms, dining areas, outdoor courtyards, a chapel, therapy spaces, and personal care rooms are available for all residents to enjoy.

Multi-Sensory Environment

We have two multi-sensory studios with visual elements, music, and sensory furniture used for sensory stimulation, anxiety reduction, and pain relief in individual and small-group settings.

Outdoor Spaces

Our home includes a Therapeutic Recreation courtyard with shade and swings, a relaxing Japanese-themed courtyard, a back patio for group activities, and wheelchair-accessible garden boxes for residents to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers.