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Speech Therapy

The Home’s team of a Speech Pathologist and Speech Aides address communication, cognitive, and swallowing disorders as a result of neurological impairments. The Speech Language Pathologist provides augmentative and alternative communication systems for residents with severe expressive/language comprehension issues. Augmentative communication devices (ACDs or talkers) allow residents who cannot verbally communicate to express his/her needs and wants. Each device is uniquely designed based on a resident’s physical ability.

Occupational Therapy

Based on engagement in meaningful activities of daily life, Occupational Therapy (OT) encourages residents to meet their highest functional level (such as self-care skills, mobility and positional needs for posture and contracture management). Occupational Therapy aims to enable, adapt or encourage participation in such activities despite impairments or limitations in physical or mental functioning. The main focus of OT is to assist in establishing least-restrictive environments for each individual’s functional needs based on their abilities, modifications and overall safety. For maintaining residents’ functional levels, OT provides a structured weekly therapeutic intervention program that includes strength exercises, seated and floor mat activities, range of motion with gross and fine motor tasking, weight bearing implementation with standing platforms or standing/ambulation activities, modalities such as paraffin, heated mitts, and ultrasound as well as other sensory integration.

Vocational Endeavors

Vocational Endeavors enables residents to be active members of the community’s workforce. Residents involved in the program assist local businesses with mailings and small assembly jobs. Currently, the Home partners with Johnson Controls and First Capital Federal Credit Union. An outlet to be productive, Vocational Endeavors encourages residents’ independence, work ethic, range of motion and small and gross motor skills. Incentives such as batteries, postage stamps, stationary, small electronics, craft supplies, etc. are given to residents who meet their goals.

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