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Feeling Productive and Part of the Community

Colin has been a resident at MEMH nearly a year. During this time, Colin has grown to rely on his participation in Vocational Endeavors as a way to relieve stress and feel productive. Currently, Colin is assisting with a project for Johnson Controls by counting hardware that is bagged and sent back to the factory to be included with heating/cooling products. Setting goals and tracking the amount of items he completes each day helps Colin to earn work credit to earn incentives. Colin has already earned a CD player and large print clock.

Margaret E. Moul Home’s Vocational Endeavors program has been assisting local businesses with mailings and small assembly jobs since May 2007. The program currently has 21 residents who participate in work projects for companies including Johnson Controls, First Capitol Federal Credit Union and the Home. The program provides an outlet for residents to be productive citizens in York County’s work force. Residents that participate in this program earn incentives for the time they spend helping. Items include batteries, postage stamps, stationary, greeting cards, craft supplies, etc.

Does your business or organization need volunteer help with a mailing or other jobs that are time consuming? The program is looking for new projects to offer the residents vocational enrichment. This can include anything from mailings, collating, small assembly/packaging or odd jobs that are difficult for employees to find the time to complete. For this wonderful service, please reach out to Kelly Kilgour, Vocational Coordinator, at

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