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Margaret E. Moul Home’s Adaptive Music Program

Creating art is something that makes people feel good, especially the residents of the Margaret E. Moul Home. Working hard to accomplish a project brings a sense of fulfillment and pride. Through the Adaptive Music Program, residents have the opportunity to express themselves in such a unique way.

Donna Keller, a Recreational Therapist at the Home, leads Project Sonic Star, the Adaptive Music Program. Donna says, “Getting to witness first-hand the look of excitement about what they have created is such a gift. Many of my residents have difficulty doing everyday activities that we take for granted. This program challenges me to find the best possible solution and adaptation so they can create music themselves.”

Project Sonic Star gives residents the control to truly create a piece of personalized music and is a unique way to increase independence. Donna says, “I’m excited to keep learning about computer programing and music theory so that I can better serve my residents. Through programs like Ableton Live, Grand VJ and others we are able to help them create music. They can also create and control visuals that correspond to the piece that they have designed. I’m constantly learning new ways of how to create and change the programs needed for them to reach their full potential.”

Technology is changing every day, and, in the case of the Home and its residents, it gives people the chance to do things they never thought possible. Nearly all of the expenses associated with Project Sonic Star are covered through generous donations.

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